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This is the Master Post.

Inception Fanfiction:
Angel Cake and Wine //Master Post//
As Leaves That Fall From Trees //Master Post//
Bluebells //Master Post//
Born to Blossom, Bloom to Perish //Master Post//
Bring Back the Moon (companion piece to "Call and I'll Be There")
Call and I'll Be There (companion piece to "Bring Back the Moon")
Can't Go On Thinking Nothing's Wrong //Master Post//
The Five Guys Eames Has Had In His Ass and the One Who Belonged There
How Far is Away //Master Post//
If It Fits Your Fancy
Into a Room Where It's Nine In the Afternoon
It Is Ours To Endure Or Embrace //Master Post//
Meant To Lead a Man Astray
Paper Lanterns Among the Dark Trees //Master Post//
Some Trust in Chariots ("RocknRolla" crossover)
Sometimes the Shortest Path
That's Where I'm Going With Your Heart //Master Post//
This Was Always a Bad Idea //Master Post//
Trail of Stones
We Are Men of Honor (When It Suits Us) or: Ariadne Likes To Watch
When a Line Bends
Where Are You Going With My Heart //Master Post//

Other Inception Fanfiction:
Chase All the Clouds From the Sky //Master Post//

Star Trek Fanfiction:
Simple Tastes
Untitled Epic AU Crossover Mash-up (with "Supernatural") //Master Post// [access list only]

Superman Returns Fanfiction:
Every Superhero Needs His (or her) Back-up ("Sky High" crossover)
Batman Begins/Superman Returns Triangle Crossover Timeline //Master Post//
Superman Returns Super Schmoop Timeline //Master Post//
Superman Returns Super Wangst Timeline //Master Post//

Supernatural Fanfiction:
Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? ("The Covenant" crossover)
Because Nothing Ever Ends ("Ironman" crossover)
Do Dandelions Roar //Master Post//
His Girl Friday ("Ironman" crossover)
I Do a Good Imitation of Me //Master Post// [WiP]
There is No Coffee After a Zombie Invasion ("Resident Evil" crossover)
To You I Bestow //Master Post//
When They're Cold and Hungry Too (JDM/JA RPS: AU)
You Just Did Just What I Thought You Were Gonna Do

Teen Wolf:
Being Plural
Bodies Can Be Bought But the Heart Cannot Be Owned; Only Given Freely
The Cool Dad //Master Post//
Does Anyone Really Know What They're Doing //Master Post//
* You Smell Good To Me
* Hormones Breed Bad Decisions
* See Your Chance, Seize It
* Someone's Gonna Get It
* Let Your Actions Do the Speaking
* To Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Have a Heart
I Can Read You Like a Book (One That's Written in Another Language)
I've Live For These Few Seconds //Master Post//
Life in the Stilinski-Hale Household //Master Post//
Not Into Temptation
Ride a Cock-Horse //Master Post//
shouldn't want you but i do //Master Post//
* Red On Red
* Pearl Over Pale
* Black Upon Black

Some Flowers Look More Vibrant On an Overcast Day
Thirteen O'Clock //Master Post//
yet you remain

One-Shot Fanfiction:
Friday I'm in Love - "Cellular"
Once We Were Kings - "Chronicles of Narnia" [WiP]
Sometimes It Hurts - "Disturbing Behavior" //Master Post//
In the Blood and the Bone - "Doom"
Checkerboard Chic - "Hairspray"

Miscellaneous Fanfiction:
4 Superman Returns Drabbles from Prompts
5 Superman Returns Drabbles from Musical Prompts
7 Short Superman Returns Drabbles from Prompts
100 Misc Drabbles
50 SPN drabbles
I Will Touch a Hundred Flowers
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